Jennens & Bettridge papier-mâché 19th-Century Chess Table

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A papier-mâché 19th-Century Chess Table from the firm of Jennens & Bettridge, the oblong top inlaid in mother of pearl with a border of urns and flowers on waisted pillar and flared gilt base with scrolled feet 73cm h; 57 x 70cm impressed crown and JENNENS & BETTRIDGE LONDON BIRMINGHAM.

The firm of Jennens & Bettridge made many types of papier-mâché items. The London Directories show that Jennens & Bettridge was based in London and Birmingham from 1835 to 1845, after which it continued in both cities but under the name Jennens, Bettridge & Sons. So assuming the name on the table is correct, I believe this table is from the approximate date range 1835-1845.