English Chess Sets

Many of the sets in my collection are from England, which was the locus of chess activity in the 1800's.  Quite a few of the English sets are sub-categorized -- some by maker, e.g. Calvert, Lund, Fisher, Jaques, etc. and some by style, such as St. George, Barleycorn, Staunton, etc.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  Hastilow Chess Set Lund Merrifield Set Old English Pattern Wooden Chess Set English playing set Old English ivory set  
English ivory playing set
Early English Ivory Set
English Ornamental Ivory set
Washington set circa 1800
Washington style ivory set
Washington style set
Old English wooden set
Large English Ivory Set
English ivory playing set
Large English Antique Chess Set
  Antique Ivory Chess Set Washington Style Chess Set Halbet of Holborn Set Old English Set from 1748 English Bone Chess Set  
  Victorian Ivory Chess Set Washington Style Ivory Double-rook Set English Ivory Playing Set Antique English Alabaster Chess Set English Wooden Disc Set  
  Walrus Ivory Lund-type Chess Set Antique English Chess Set Hastilow Chess Set Elaborate English Ivory Set Fine English Ivory Chess Set  
  English Bone Chess Set Ceramic Chess Pieces, Rockingham or Swinton, early 19th Century Old English Ivory Chess Set English Ivory Chess Set English 18th-Century Ivory Set  
  19th-Century Fleet Street Ivory Set English Tall Carved Bone Set English Wooden Toy Set, circa 1915 Calvert Ivory Chess Set Victorian London Bone Set in Original Box  
  Royal Court Figural Ivory Set English Ornamental Playing Set, 19th Century Victorian Ivory Chess Set Tall Ivory Playing Set, late 18th century Victorian Ornamental Ivory Chess Set  
  J. Lemon Metal Chess Set, 1876 English Spike Bone Set, 18th Century Old English Pattern Wooden Set, 18th Century W. Howard Blind Man's Set English Early 19th Century Bone Chess Set  
  English Red and White Ivory Set, mid 19th Century English Figural Ivory Set, early-to-mid 19th Century Early English Wooden Set with Rook Flags [missing], late 18th century Washington Pattern Ivory Set, late 18th century Washington Style Set, late 18th century  
  English Carved Hazelwood Set, early 20th century Early English Wooden Set, 18th Century Castleford Ceramic Chess Set, Early 19th Century Castleford Ceramic Chess Pieces, Early 19th Century Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War Bone Set, early 19th century  
  Victorian Papier-mâché Disc Chess Set          
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