Other European Chess Sets

Antique chess sets from other European countries.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  Turkish Style Carved Ivory Chess Set German Charlemagne Wooden Figural Set Spanish Pulpit Set Ivory Dublin Chess Set Spanish wooden set  
  Antique Dutch Bone Pedestal Set Dutch wood-and-bone-topped set Charlemagne Chess Set Scandinavian Bone Antler Set Jaques Dublin set  
  Swiss-carved Bears of Berne set Italian Wooden Bust Set Killarney Wooden Chess Set Irish Killarney Wooden Chess Set European Ivory Chess Set  
  Spanish Bone Playing Set Irish Yew Set Italian Ivory Bust Set on Metal Pedestals, early 20th century Dutch 18th-Century Bone Chess Set Bears of Berne Set  
  "Spanish Pulpit" Set Scandinavian Set, late 18th century Italian 18th Century Ivory Set Hansen Danish Metal Set Pulpit-type Bone Chess Set, 19th Century  
  North European Painted Wooden Set ,18th century English Ivory Chess Set, late 18th century Swiss Ivory Set and Ivory/Bone Board-Box, 19th Century Dublin Wooden Set, Late 19th Century Napoleon-Themed Wooden Set, 19th Century  
  Dublin Wooden Set, 19th Century Dutch or German Bust Ivory Set, 18th Century Neapolitan Cloth Doll Set, late 19th or early 20th century Central European ivory chess set, circa 1840 Dieppe Green and White Figural Ivory Set, late 18th century or early 19th century  
  Prisoner-of-War Pulpit Set, late 18th or early 19th century French vs Turks Ivory Chess Set, 19th Century Italian Figural Ivory Set, early 20th Century Petal-style Bone Chess Set, 19th Century Xavier Fader Bone Chess Set, circa 1820  
  Killarney Wooden Chess Set, circa 1875 Italian Red and White Figural Ivory Set, 19th Century Swiss Pearwood Animal and Bird Set, latter 19th century  
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