Lund, Fisher, Merrifield Chess Sets

Thomas Lund had several occupations, but one of them was the manufacture of chess sets from the early 1800's until his death in 1843. William Lund, Thomas' son, continued to make sets throughout the rest of the 19th century, and is the most well-known of the manufacturers listed here.

Samuel Fisher sold similar sets. I think he retailed sets from other manufacturers (e.g. William Lund), yet he is also listed as an Ivory Turner in the mid-1860's, so in my opinion it is likely that he made chess sets himself.

George Merrifield was an ivory turner/worker from (circa) 1819 until his death in 1855. Merrifield's chessmen style was classic and identifiable; later, he manufactured the ill-fated "Philidor" style chessmen in 1850/1851.

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Thomas Lund & William Lund

  Thomas Lund stamped ivory set Thomas Lund Ivory Chess Set, 2Q 19th Century Lund unstamped ivory set Lund fitted box set Large Stamped Lund Ivory Set  
  Lund stamped set Lund large stamped ivory set Large Antique Lund Ivory Set Lund Ivory Set circa 1850 Lund Ivory Set  
Lund Double-Stamped Set
Lund/Fisher Style Set
Lund unstamped set with custom box
William Lund Stamped Travel Set
Lund Red and White Ivory Set
  Early Calvert Pattern Lund-Stamped Ivory Chess Set William Lund Stamped Ivory Chess Set and Wooden Box        


Samuel Fisher

  Fisher-stamped Triple Fountain Ivory Set Fisher Set with Stamped Box Fisher Stamped Ivory Set Fisher green and white ivory set Fisher red and white set  
  Fisher-stamped board with St. George set          


George Merrifield

  Philidor set Merrifield Ivory Set with Stamped Box Merrifield Set with Stamped Box English Ivory Chess Set English Lund-type Ivory Chess Set  
  Calvert ivory set Lund Wooden Set Merrifield Wooden Chess Set Merrifield Ivory Set Merrifield Ivory Chess Set and Stamped Box  
  Ivory Chess Set and Inlaid Ivory Casket by George Merrifield, 2Q 19th Century St. George Pattern Set by George Merrifield, 2Q 19th Century "Calvert Early" Pattern Ivory Chess Set by George Merrifield, 2Q 19th Century Merrifield Red and White Ivory Set, circa 1840    
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