Other Chess Sets With Manufacturer's or Retailer's Stamp/Label

Besides the chess sets made by manufacturers located elsewhere on the website, there are identifiable chess sets made/sold by other manufacturers or retailers, some well known (Wedgwood, Doulton, Asprey, et. al.) and others lesser-known -- W. Howard, Rhoads & Son, H. Dixon, C. Hastilow, J. Barr, E. Spurin, and A.B. Barrett, to name a few.

Click on any of the photos below for more detailed information on each set.

  W. Howard Chess Set W. Howard Bone Chess Set W. Howard Bone Chess Set W. Howard Chess Set and Box W. Howard set and label  
  Rhoads & Sons Set Rhoads & Sons Victorian Bone Chess Set Thomas Rhoads & Sons - Bone Chess Set and Box Rhoads & Son Chess Set Wedgwood Flaxman Porcelain Set  
  Leuchars Old English Set St. George - Leuchars 3 Cheapside English Bone Chess Set retailed by Thomas Sherwin Jr. J. Barr English Ivory Playing Set 'Morse' English Ivory Playing Set  
  B & Co Regulation Chess Set St. George Chess Set in Hezekiah Dixon Box Edward C. Spurin Chess Set and Board Asprey & Co. Ivory Chess Set Asprey Chess Set and Board  
  Royal Doulton - Tinworth Frog-and-Mouse Chess Set Daulton Chess Piece by George Tinworth The Rose Lead Chess Set "The Rose" Chess Set in Original Box "Britain" Lead Chess Set  
  Wooden Chess Set Retailed by John Piggott, London Gray's of Cambridge Silette Catalin Set Stoneware Chess Bishop by Martin Brothers - 1901 E. Gilbert Chess Set Edwards & Jones Ivory Staunton Set  
  Whitty Small Ivory Set in Original Stamped Box Whitty Wooden Set Whitty Club-size Ivory Set Whitty Ivory Set Peters & Son Chess Set  
  B. B. Wells Chess Set, 19th Century Northern Upright Ivory Chess Set -- A.B. Barrett & Sons Barleycorn Chess Set by Charles Hastilow, circa 1850 Pearce of Cornhill Wooden Set "Hallett of High Holborn" Wooden Chess Set  
  Whitty Style Wooden Chess Set Golden Castle Staunton Pattern Chess Set Antique English Ivory Chess Set, possibly retailed by James Leuchars, circa 1810 Peters and Son Chess Set, circa 1870 A. W. Gamage Wooden Set and Box  
  "Neotypos" disc chess set by Pinches & Billter, 1849 "Reversible Chess" set by John Burgess & Sons, 19th century Whitty Club-size Ivory Set, circa 1900 Stoneware Chess King by Martin Brothers - circa 1900 Stoneware Chess Queen by Martin Brothers - circa 1900  
  Victorian Oak and Ebonised Chess Set by I. Parker, Eton, Mid-19th-Century Wooden Staunton Set by Richard Whitty of Liverpool, with Stamped Board Royal Doulton Chess Set by George Tinworth      
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