Antique Alabaster Chess Set with Fitted Box

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An alabaster chess set, England, mid to late 19th centujry, one side in yellow, the other side in a dark red, kings with urn-shaped tops, queens with crowns and ball finials, bishops as reeded mitres, knights as horses' heads with flowing manes, rooks as turrets, pawns with reeded ball finials, in a 19th century coromandel box or casket, the fitted interior lined with plush and with two trays to take the chessmen (2), the king 9.5cm high, the pawn 5cm high, the box 31cm wide.

The box's hinges are stamped "B & Co." I don't know if this is the same "B & Co." who made the now-very-rare Imperial Set (I have one elsewhere in the collection.)