French Carved Wooden Set , 18th Century

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A French Boxwood Chess Set, circa 1760-1775, one side of darker hue, all but the rooks on partly petalled baluster stems, the royal pieces and bishops as busts, the kings with laurel-wreaths, the queens wearing low-necked dresses, the bishops with helmets and armour, the knights as horses' heads surrounded by foliage, the rooks as lighthouses, the pawns of baluster form topped by rosettes and buds, 4.8 - 7.8 cm.

Expositions: Bellerive-Museum Zurich: 15.9. - 14.11.82, lot no. 23; "Le Point" Gallery SKA Zurich: 5.9. - 9.11.1984; Dresdner Bank 1988-1991, no. 14; Grefrath: 29.3 - 3.5.1992.