French Ivory Bust Set, Napoleon vs Allies, 19th Century

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A 19th century French carved ivory Bust Chess Set on the theme of Napoleon v. Allies. The pieces represent the bust of, on one side, the Emperor Napoleon as the king, Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma his empress as queen, Marshals Ney and Murat as bishops, fine carved horses heads as knights, round castellated brickwork towers as rooks and pawns as heads of Napoleon's Imperial guard wearing their distinctive bearskin headgear. The other side with mottled green bases, as the allies consisting of Francis 11 Emperor of Germany and Austria as king, his wife Empress Maria Terasa as queen, General Wellington and Admiral Nelson as bishops, finely carved horses heads as knights, square brickwork castellated towers as rooks and pawns as heads of Austrian foot soldiers wearing shako cockaded headdress. King size 8.5 cm. Paris School of carving.

Click here for my Picasa album with photos of this set