French Ivory Figural "Battle of Waterloo" Napoleon vs King George III Chess Set, 19th Century

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Ivory and polychromed full figural Chess Set on the theme of the Battle of Waterloo, the French with Emperor Napoleon and his Empress Marie Louise as king and queen, bishops as Marshals Ney and Soult,
knights as rearing mounted French cavalry, rooks as round columns surmounted with the Napoleonic Eagles and pawns as soldiers of the Imperial guard.

The British as King George 3rd, his wife Queen Charlotte as king and queen bishops as General Somerset of the one arm and Col. John Cameron of Fassifern, knights as mounted rearing British cavalry , rooks as square brickwork castellated towers and pawns as most unusual Scottish Gordon Highlander kilt wearing foot soldiers.

The British foot soldiers depicting the famous 92nd Gordon Highlanders regiment of Foot of which Col. John Cameron of Fassifern was their commanding officer at Waterloo losing his life during the battle.

The French side predominately blue and the British red.
King 10 cm tall. Paris, circa 1840.