French vs Turks Ivory Set, Late 18th or Early 19th Century

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A 19th century set in the theme of French vs Turks, king size 10.5 cms, in its original fitted case.

The set is of French origin, by virtue of several important points. The set came with its original gilt tooled leather fitted case; these cases come from the famous Palais Royale arcaded luxury stores and workshops in late 18th/19th century Paris. The religious theme of Turks v. Europeans was a common one used in chess sets, particularly in France of the Dieppe and Paris schools of ivory carving, and the medieval dress that the Europeans are wearing points to the late Crusades, coupled with the French royal Fleur de Lis on the King's and Queen's robes, another pointer to French origin.

Click here for my Picasa album with photos of the set and case