German 19th-Century Wooden Military Set

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19th century German fine carved wood “Military“ Chess Set. The Kings & Queens as possibly a young Napoleon and Josephine against the Emperor of Austria Francis 1st and his Empress, bishops as unusual Mamluks Nubians (possible references to Napoleons early Egyptian Expedition and the keen early 19th century interest in African colonization), knights as mounted French & Austrian Cavalry, rooks as Elephants with towers with castellated brickwork round towers on their backs, and the pawns as unusually tall French and Austrian foot soldiers sporting interesting military headgear. Some items straps etc. picked out in black. All pieces standing on “faux” green grass decorated dark wood & light wood round bases. The pieces are individually carved including the pawns and have different poses and attitudes.

A very similar set was exhibited in
2003 at the Staatliche Museen in Berlin, Stiftung Preussicher Kulturbesitz and dated beginning 19th century. The title of the exhibition was: Schadows Schachclub. Ein Spiel der Vernunft in Berlin.

King 3.75 inches ( 9.5 cms.) high Pawns 4.3 inches (11 cms.)

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