German Cast Iron Franco-Prussian War Set

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A GERMAN CAST IRON FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR FIGURAL CHESS SET, circa 1870, the French versus the Prussians, French king as Napoleon III, French queen as Eugenie, bishops as French officers with their arms upraised, knights as horses' heads, rooks as churches, French pawns as Zouaves, Prussian king as Wilhelm I, Prussian queen as Augusta of Saxe-Weimer, Prussian bishops as officers with their arms upraised, Prussian pawns as infantry wearing picklehaube spiked helmets, the king 9cm high, the pawn 4.5cm high, Prussian king stamped: " A. W. Nachf...7043" on the underside of the base.  The initials stand for Anton Weves Nachfolger.

The cast iron figural set reflects the struggle between France and Prussia in 1870. Note the portrayal of the Emperor Napoleon III as the French king.