Indian Bone and Silver Inscribed Set and Board, circa 1784

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An important Indian bone chess set, most probably with wooden core and silver caps and panels in red (Hindu) and green (Muslim). Height of king 14 cm (approx 5.4"), diameter of base 6.9 cm (approx. 2.7").

Kings and Generals have inscriptions on the silver panels. The red pieces in Devanagari script and the green pieces in Arabic script. The translation of the Devanagari script is : Red piece "A": Senapati (general) Ranjit Singh, Samvat 1840 (corresponds to 1784 AD). Red piece "B": Thakur Sahib Jarowar Singh, from Gyangarh (near Devgarh, Mewar). The Thakur was the regional governor under the Maharana of Udaipur. The inscriptions on green pieces corresponding to the red pieces "A" and "B" are presumably in Urdu language and have not yet been translated.

The set's board is textile and is large enough to accommodate the very large pieces. The squares are plain and decorated with patchwork border, probably made for this very old set.

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