Vizagapatam Flame Ivory Chess Set and Board

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AN INDIAN IVORY CHESS SET, Vizagapatam, circa 1820, together with an Indian ivory and ebony inlaid board/box, Vizagapatam, circa 1830,

one side stained dark brown, the other side left natural, the chessmen with bud shaped knops, kings with flame finials, pierced open crowns and floral decorated central crowns; queens similar, but of slender form and with flame finials, bishops with pierced mitres, knights as horses' heads with beaded reins and "tuft" finials, rooks as turrets bearing Union Flags, pawns with bud finials, the king 12cm high, the pawn 7cm high (finials restored); together with a Vizagapatam ivory, ebony and sandlewood inlaid games board/box, the exterior for chess, the alternate squares inlaid with ebony and ivory squares, the interior for backgammon, with ebony and ivory points, the whole decorated with penwork, the owner's monogram in ivory; the interior fitted with three ivory games boxes, incorporating a collection of backgammon counters, the games board/box 47cm long.