Early Calvert Pattern Lund-Stamped Ivory Chess Set

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This pattern is usually attributed to Calvert, and (contrary to other opinions) based on other sets in my collection and my extensive research of the Victorian London manufacturers, I believe it is a correct attribution. Subsequently this pattern was manufactured by Lund, Merrifield, and Jaques, and possibly others. The interesting aspect of this particular set is that it has the Lund stamp as well as the "Lund knights".

William Lund first shows up in the London Directories at 24 Fleet street in 1835, but he had apprenticed there under Anderson (cutler) for at least five years, by my estimation based on the London Directory listings. Not coincidentally, Calvert's workshop and storefront windows were almost directly across the street from Lund. What is virtually certain, therefore, is that Lund was influenced by Calvert's storefront window displays, which had to include chess sets.