Jaques Congress Timer from 1927 Alekhine-Capablanca World Championship Match

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I was extremely fortunate to be able to acquire one of the three official Jaques Congress Timers that were used during the 1927 World Championship match between Alexander Alekhine and Jose Raoul Capablanca.

The 1927 match was a monumental clash of the titans, the quintessential "irresistible force against immovable object".  This clock was sold by the Argentine Chess Club, who is also currently [July 2007] selling one of the other two clocks from the match.   I have obtained the authentication paperwork from the Argentine Chess Club.  The Club kept detailed, meticulous records of the chess equipment used in the match.  This clock was used for games 7 through 13.

Please note that one or two websites question the authenticity of this timer, without having done any research whatsoever on the topic.